ENOTURISMOITALY is a valuable food and wine journey into flavors, excellent products and, above all, professionals and experts in this field. It’s a broad platform to present all the excellent specialties of Campania and Italian taste in a prestigious showcase aiming at wineries, hotel and restaurant managers, and above all tourists who are very eager to get to know the delights of our territory.
In this, a significant role is played by food and wine tourism which traces fine wine tasting itineraries qualifying the identity of our region.

ENOTURISMOITALY promotes territories both in Italy and abroad, enhancing wine and agricultural production, quality catering and food and wine specialties, tourist-hotel accommodations and historical-cultural attractions, through territorial marketing to manage all the resources in the area

We open the treasure chest of our beloved Campania Felix for all tourists to see, where excellence is a lifestyle and quality our mission.

Our territory, territorial marketing and the promotion of places


The territory-product is a reference point for communication and promotion. Territorial marketing, indeed, has the task of enhancing the resources of a specific geographical and socio-cultural area, by stimulating local development and increasing the attractiveness for consumers.
To make a product and its territory attractive, it is necessary to know how to communicate well and in a consistent manner with local professionals, highlighting their charisma, by paying attention to their image and identity, maximizing their social, economic and environmental characteristics and encouraging business initiatives.


Communication with internal subjects (resident citizens, workers, local businesses) must actively get the local community involved in order to strengthen the sense of belonging to the territory.
Communication with external subjects (tourists and external companies) must have them perceive the strengths of that territory, the identity of an area, the typical elements of its environmental, social and cultural uniqueness.
Particularly interesting are those events with a strong emotional and visual impact, because they are one of a kind and unique with their ability to attract tourists, to spread and improve the image and the reputation of the area.

ENOTURISMOITALY offers you a communication project to showcase the best of your business and your products. It provides you with work tools for the reception of wine tourists and supports you in company visits and tastings.

Wine tourism as an experience.

In recent years we have witnessed a strong reconciliation with the territory, a recovery of traditions and local stories that make wine tourism an appealing experience.
Wine products made according to centennial dictates yield an increase in sales, and the production environment influenced by traditions connected with viticulture and winemaking allow diverse fields to come together, such as in agritourism, and the cultural, artisanal, and gastronomic sectors, etc.

Nowadays, tourists demand a unique and customized experience, a distinct offer independent of goods and services, because, unlike these, it has to be a memorable experience engaging the individual on a personal level.

ENOTURISMOITALY helps your company to enrich your offer and transform it into a “director of experiences” in order to stage a complete and multi-sensory experience not limited to mere entertaining, but also capable of educating, leading and entrancing the consumer to engage him emotionally, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

ENOTURISMOITALY offers the opportunity to share the meaning of loving wine with many people from various nationalities from the point of view of a person fascinated and seduced by this world so varied and ready to communicate a different story behind every vineyard, every producer and every bottle.
ENOTURISMOITALY works in close relationship with the community and with its territory by engaging real contexts to try and awaken tourists to get them to want to make connections in these sectors.

What activities does ENOTURISMOITALY collaborate with?

  • Winemakers
  • Restaurants and holiday farms
  • Wine Bars
  • Food and wine associations
  • Hotels and B&B’s
  • Tour operators
  • Cruise activities
  • Hotel and wine schools

What does ENOTURISMOITALY offer you?

  • Advertising campaigns
  • Brochures and leaflets
  • Packaging
  • Web design and web marketing
  • Photo reportage and videomaking
  • Organization of events and tastings
  • Staff training
  • Corporate and territorial storytelling