Tuscany, the first Italian region to have a wine tourism law.

With the vote of the Regional Council on December 4th, 2019, Tuscany became the first Italian region to have gotten a law regulating the wine tourism activities of its wine companies.

As Tuscany’s Councillor of Agriculture Marco Remaschi explained to WineNews

“It was an articulate and well-arranged path spawning a law with a precise purpose, namely to enhance the territories of wine in their broadest sense. With their work, wineries will promote these territories, not just wines, through visits to their vineyards and cellars to discover and tell the story, culture and practices behind a glass of wine, along with guided tastings and other activities, such as the didactic harvest and the combination with agri-food products. Large and small companies can thus make direct sales and make themselves known by focusing on the great opportunities offered by seasonally regulated tourism which differs from the one found in cities of art, at sea or in the mountains.

But that’s not all, since it gives companies the opportunity to do something greater than it has ever been done before, by creating new income and tourist circuits resulting into new resources and margins capable of supporting new investments. Furthermore, it is an opportunity to tell the story of our culture, it’s not just about the quality content of a bottle lying at the center of everything. We are very satisfied with this law, especially because this prospect leads to new, qualified and trained jobs with people speaking foreign languages who know both the wine sector and our territory. Direct selling is only the final act. If one is good at presenting and communicating one’s company and territory, it comes by itself. Slow tourism, which brings people from all over the world to the Tuscan hinterland, is the crucial driving force for growth we want to tap into.”

Source: winenews.it

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