The importance of communicating the brand of an Italian winery to the international market.

Why do people abroad prefer Italian wine to wines from other countries?

Because Italian wines best express the link between man and his territory.

As a matter of fact, foreign consumers prefer wineries that know how to communicate the brand authenticity of their winery well, that tell a story and express the identity of their territory.

As emerged from the Italian Taste Summit promoted in Padenghe sul Garda by Miro & Co. Wine Global, several tests were carried out by showing consumers bottles of companies that had been able to communicate their brand authenticity well. Those consumers ended up being willing to pay the bottles at prices that were even higher than their market values.

Those wineries wanting to establish themselves abroad must therefore focus on storytelling, express passion, remain true to traditions and at the same time know how to innovate, to stand up for what they want, and to get to know other countries by carrying on the tradition of their Made-in-Italy products. Therefore, in order to do it strategically, one must rely on professionals in communication and start setting medium and long-term goals.


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