Media and PR Consultant: wine, passion & skill.
I’m Lino and mine is a love born by chance!

While studying economics, during my trip abroad for the Erasmus project, I as a “nondrinker” was sent to an area north of Madrid, in the Rioja region, and precisely in the city of Logrogno, a few kilometers away from the Basque region!.

Rioja is a region where the concentration of high-caliber wine producers is unmatched. The cellars of the famous bodegas were an almost infinite expanse of barriques, full of wines waiting to reach their perfect maturity. The streets of Rioja offered the spectacle of people who still loved the sociability of the village, who went out into the streets to meet people, who conversed and laughed in a radiant atmosphere of positivity that also infects tourists and which made my discovery of this territory even more enjoyable, where nature, history and art seemed to merge into a unique cultural framework.

Half of the population worked in the wine sector, and the other half was passionate about it… so, what happened?

My love for the “Nectar of Bacchus” was born!.

Since then, going about vineyards has become my favorite hobby, so much so that it got me to come up with projects, events and festivals that, while promoting food and enhancing wine products, could also depict this territory and the people living in it.

Now, I am registered with the ONAV association of Salerno that has taught me the fundamental techniques necessary to decipher a good wine.